Anthropocene Project

In February 2000, Nobel-Prize winner Paul J. Crutzen coined the term “Anthropocene”. The word has since become shorthand for human caused global change.


The Anthropocene Project launches a collection of visual art and media symbolising urgent ecological and social issues of our time.

It invites creative professionals to showcase affiliated work—painting metaphors with cross-disciplinary art, fashion, and

experimental design.


The first iteration is the Corporate Garden.

1920x600_0001_Industry-2015-Dan-Medhurst-9062 copy

The Corporate Garden utilises a mixture of corporate emblems and organic forms to abstract the iconic businessman

and his habitat.

Funding manufacture of synthetic and unsustainable goods, financial capitals remain reliant upon natural resources

by way of consumption and spoilage.

The work features experimental design by interdisciplinary jewellery designer Olga Noronha, comprised of repurposed materials.

Art Director

Anastasia Niedinger


Dan Medhurst