I do pithy words and big strategy for people who fancy themselves go-getters.

I specialise in future facing clients across music, arts and tech,

so my turf is typically leveraging what's on the horizon.

Also, that’s me up above spewing a metaphorical data deluge.

I'm a sucker for conceptual visual direction and creative consultation where I can find it...

...but if you think we jacks of all trades (or two) are a bit dicey,

don’t get zealous with the scrolling.







Communications Audit

Technospirituality Insight Report

PRIX ARS Electronica 2017-2020 Award Submission

Art Tech Psyche Harvard

We Speak Music Docuseries

'Faith' Exhibition

DMB Agency Artist Bio

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BOD [包家巷] Between Visual Design and Building Digital Utopias

PAN’s ENTOPIA: Audio-Visual Synthesis in Focus

RE-TEXTURED Festival: Celebrating Urban Psychogeography & Audio-Visual Nuance

We Need to Talk About the Voice

Defying Disciplines

Selfie Culture & The Future of Personal Identity

The Abramovic Effect

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'Reeps One Does Not Exist' VR Music Video

'a:b:b:c' Guest Artist Installation, CSM Applied Imagination MA Degree Show 2016

Corporate Garden, Visual Series

Gender in Utero, Visual Series

Anastasia Niedinger // Creative Direction & Set Design

Harry Yeff // Creative Direction

Ralph Barker // Coordinator & Host

Anastasia Niedinger // Art Director

Al Overdrive // Photographer

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