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#1 Corporate Garden


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On November 10th 2013 author Roy Scranton published a New York Times article in lieu of his latest book, “Learning How to Die in the Anthropocene.


Scranton’s article marks a state of heightened discussion about the geological influence of human activity on the planet, and subsequent effects on future generations.


Nevertheless, recognition of our combined impact on the environment still feels far away from audiences.

“People are environmentally aware these days but maybe the information is not available to them to show the scale of changes that are happening.”

- Dr Colin Water


Anthropocene is a high fashion photography series challenging perceptions of human relationships with the world around us.


The project unites the talents of established photographers and designers, conveying provocative scenarios of human interaction with artificial and organic environments.


Utilising fashion and creative channels, the series aims to popularise awareness of terms like Anthropocene, illuminating the extent of human consumption and infrastructures, and their ecological impact.


The first iteration of the Anthropocene series is the Corporate Garden.


I teamed up with photographer Dan Medhurst and designer Olga Noronha, coordinating a scenario juxtaposing fashion with emblems of the financial sector.


Situated in a commercial tower overlooking the financial district, Corporate Garden depicts the traditional businessman, adorned in organic forms made of industrial materials the financial sector invests heavily in.

The Corporate Garden is being distributed for publication this year.



Olga Noronha is notable for her conceptual, large scale jewellery. Her pieces examine the relationship between the body, external materials, and the habitats from which they are sourced.


They have become famous for their crossmodal uses, not simply as jewellery, but wearable technology, prosthetics, recycled art and anatomical representations

Dan Medhurst is a passionate advertising and editorial photographer, producing high-end imagery for numerous luxury brand, entertainment and news publishing clients.