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Cosmic Pilgrim

Sydney born artist Kevin Tran is not just a painter, he is a collector of stories.


In summer last year, Tran looked to launch his first European solo debut, “Cosmic Pilgrim”. The exhibition, set at Stolen Space Gallery on Brick Lane, would demonstrate a year of spiritual European exploration.


The launch required a press release fit to capture the audacious and colourful characters his deconstructed journeys had manifested.


"...these vivacious animal characters trace a story of geographic points, forming  complex solar systems with symbolic keepsakes swirling within..."

Photos courtesy of Anastasia Niedinger


Drawn to his vivacious animal characters, I embarked on announcing Tran’s London inauguration to the city’s art fanatics, critics, creatives and wanderers.


The press release was sent to over 500+ enterprises, agencies, writers and publications.


The exhibition was a huge success, with sponsorship from Five Points Brewery and Nonna’s Artisan Gelato, and large turnout throughout the week.