Each year, thousands of university students aspire to a career in advertising. With stiff competition and an industry endemic with unpaid internships, many find themselves unable to or having insufficient experience to confidently apply.


During my degree I wanted to develop a venture executing real agency work, where I could exercise strategic and branding skills.


Upon meeting founder Alex Daish, I was able to help sustain Free Hype and its development from its early outset.



Free Hype is the first of its kind in the UK. My job has been to identify our strategic value, find opportunities and help shape our processes based on our beliefs.


The first Free Hype toolkit for universities authored by myself and Alex will be published this spring.



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What makes people give?

 In 2014 I coordinated a guest lecture series titled “What Makes People Give?”, providing informative talks for students, graduates and the public by industry people, MA students, and artists.  


The lecture series developed Free Hype's role not just as an agency, but as an educational platform about the creative industries.


The series set a precedent for 2015, culminating in a second round of talks by speakers including innovative duo Luke and Wilf, and inspirational purpose-driven agency Nice and Serious.



The series' penultimate lecture, 'Using profit driven business strategy for fundraising efficiency', was written and presented by me.


The lecture offered a background in marketing methods and how to repurpose these for charities’ needs within Free Hype, tackling:

  • an introduction to marketing and advertising

  • the prevalence of mission-driven business

  • creating a value proposition for donors

  • targeting techniques

  • strategic marketing review methods

  • creative exercises