Gender in Utero

By 2015 the topic of gender had exploded across Europe’s media landscape. Typically examining gender identity through the lenses of fashion, or sex, leading publications often fail to address the role of androgyny in our day to day lives.

Gender in Utero is a visual project inspired by androgyny and its suggested psychological and social benefits: creativity, empathy and wellbeing—traits uncovered by a growing field of research, pioneered by "flow" state researcher M. Csikszentmihalyi (TED).

The project was featured by Protein in a film by director Daniel Brereton for its gender issue, and covered by arts magazine ROOMS. The series has exhibited with Stopjectify at Gallery Different, Soho and Haringey Arts festival, InHouse.


I was invited as artist and panel speaker to London's meetup and think tank POPAGANDA at The Book Club, Shoreditch in November 2015 and March 2016. 

Art Director

Anastasia Niedinger


Al Overdrive


"See what you think, but for us, this quote captures the essence of the film nicely: 'There is a male and female role every single one of us and we'll flex between the two quite fluidly depending on the situation that we’re in." — Anastasia Niedinger"

—Protein Journal


The series continues to document everyday individuals and explore gender fluidity as a mindful exercise, universally accessible by all.

I call this hacking gender—​the means to learn and benefit from both traditional and non-traditional gender traits.