Gender in Utero


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By 2015 the topic of gender had exploded across Europe's media landscape. 


Despite the appearance of a new liberal wave, leading publications consistently viewed gender identity through the lenses of sexuality and fashion.


Attention grabbing terms like “agender” emerged - but its purpose, especially the psychological role and benefits, was left overlooked. 


Two years ago I founded Gender in Utero, a portraiture collection inspired by androgyny and the study of its psychological benefits, namely: creativity, empathy, and wellbeing.


Drawing on the classical works of Woolf and psychological research by “flow-state” pioneer Michael Csikszentmihalyi, it is the first creative project promoting discussion of androgynous traits in terms of research and mental health.


"The project demonstrates the potential inclusiveness of androgyny, inviting individuals to celebrate the benefits of fluid thinking in everyday life.

Gender in Utero boldly addresses the big why's which industries like fashion and sex overlook."


Rooms Magazine


  As founder I have been invited to speak on cultural panels around London, encouraging an approach to gender identity of mindfulness and wellbeing. 


In March 2015 Protein magazine interviewed individuals around London challenging gender stereotypes in a short documentary film, Beyond Gender.


Part of my interview has been taken to form the film’s takeaway quote:

"There is a male and female role in every single one of us and we'll flex between the two quite fluidly depending on the situation we’re in."

Gender in Utero's collection has grown steadily, exhibiting portraiture at several creative events, including InHouse festival in Haringey and Stopjectify at Gallery Different, Soho.


Most recently, I was invited to the speaker’s panel of POPAGANDA #5, discussing modern male identity politics and Feminism.


The project also received coverage by Rooms Magazine, publishing a

feature-length interview online.