The Mill:

Reeps One

Does Not Exist

art direction  •  creative consultancy


Last year award winning VR production company The Mill teamed up with artist and experimental vocalist Reeps One to create the first music video composed with 3D sound.

I was approached as a creative consultant for Reeps One in his narrative collaboration with the team, and art direction of his songwriting and performance for the role. 



Three-dimensional audio constitutes the future of immersive sound for VR.

In a milestone for introducing this new technology, the piece required a sophisticated and captivating performance to engage audiences worldwide.


Shifting away from his beat box persona, I prescribed a positioning focusing on

Reeps One: the multidisciplinary artist,

portrayed as an unearthly figure jumping freely between a playground of worlds.


Combining surrealist elements with the potential of human-generated, organic sound, the journey transmits with physical and sonic accuracy an unworldly composition straight to viewers' homes.

More soon!

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